Great spine streatch


(Aquatic Bodywork)



The main applications of Aquatic Bodywork are stress relief, pain relief, deep relaxation, improved sleep, physical and mental rehabilitation, restore body alignment, mobilityand flexibility, and much-much more. The physical closeness to the water and to the therapist gives the receiver a sense of comfort and security. That connection opens a door to a deeper layer of the water - a world which we don't usually experience.
The receiver floats on the heated water and does nothing but breathe. The therapist will perform a series of hydrotherapy movements, stretches, and body manipulations with a touch of massage, meditation and yoga; focusing on the general muscular system that establishes a special connection between the receiver and the water.
Aquatic Bodywork is highly recommended for everyone of any age who enjoys experiencing a unique relaxation therapy in the water. People with different physical problems find it to be an amazing way to recover quickly.
PREGNANT women that are very limited to what activities they can do, are strongly recommended and encouraged to have Aquatic Bodywork sessions (in a low Chlorine pool, like MARGOA's pool), since studies show that it's the best (and one of the only allowed) activity for the woman and for her unborn child. Pregnant woman will often use hydrotherapy as a way to relief pain, stress, and for experiencing a very unique and deep connection with their unborn child.
Infinite variety of movements
Various forms of Hydrotherapy have been recorded in ancient Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Chinese and Japanese civilizations. The ancient methods of using varying temperatures of water, and later, manipulations of water, have been scientifically proven to be beneficial. Along the years, there were many studies in the field, and many new and different ways to use the power of the water were developed.