Aquatic Bodywork

Rotem Hershkovich  

Hydrotherapist              Hammock maker       Swim instructor


MARGOA is a well known Aquatic Bodywork Wellness Center, established by Rotem Hershkovich, that has treated hundreds of people from around the world.

Rotem is a Certified Hydrotherapist by W.A.B.A. (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) and by AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association), certified army medic, and have over 20 years of treating the human body.


Improving the human physical and mental conditions has always been of great importance to Rotem.

As a natural born water man, and as a natural born therapist, it was only a matter of time before he would find a way to combine the two.

In 2003, Rotem was given an amazing opportunity to turn his passion into a career when he was invited to join the unique group of water therapists located on the shores of the Red Sea. He was trained and educated as an Aquatic Bodywork practitioner, and officially certified by the international W.A.B.A.


Over the years, Rotem developed his own method of  Hydrotherapy by combining his knowledge of the following techniques:

* Watsu®

* Jahara®

* WaterDance

* HealingDance

* Dolphin improvisation

* Aqua Stretch™

* Massage

* Breathing techniques

* Meditation

* Yoga

* Relaxation methods


Rotem has treated hundreds of people around the world over the past 18 years, including the Philippines, China, Israel, Egypt, and Brazil. His wellness center is now located in Los Angeles, California.