Aquatic Bodywork by


Wellness and Relaxation for Body and Mind

Aquatic Bodywork
Total Relaxation for body and mind
Restore alignment, mobility, and flexibility.
Deep relaxation for body and mind.
We all crave those moments of relaxation. Where there is no space. When there is no time. Just peace, quiet, total freedom of body and mind.
MARGOA Aquatic Bodywork is offering a unique and wonderful experience for Relaxation and for helping and supporting with different health problems.
About 30 min of Aqua Stretch™. An amazing wellness modality that restores Alignment, Mobility, and Flexibility.
Followed by about 45 min of floating session - while the receiver floats on the water and does nothing but breathing, the certified HydroTherapist will perform series of special stretches, body manipulations, and movements that are possible only in the water.
The water holds much more than we usually think.
Experience the wonderful power of the water. Allow our experts to take you on an unforgetable journey to a deeper layer of the water.
By uniquely combining 6 different Aquatic Bodywork modalities of stretches and movements developed over the past 3 decades, together with Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Breathing techniques, we will take you on a journey that will leave you deeply relaxed in both body and mind.
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Hydrotherapy by MARGOA:
* Is for everyone of any age who likes to restore alignment, mobility, and flexibility
* Is for everyone of any age who likes to experience unique relaxation therapy in the water.
* Is highly recommended for healthy pregnant women after the first trimester.
* Can help overcome fear of water.

* Provides immediate improvement of sleeping problems.

* Is a very good way to deal with the buildup of day to day stress.
* Does not require knowing how to swim or float.