Handmade Hammocks made to order


Custom made to order

Big, Strong, Colorful, and High-quality


Made with 100% LOVE

Hammocks are a very old and known idea. There are big differences between hammocks around the world, ranging from the material they're made of, they're strength, weight, size, quality and more.
* MARGOA's Handmade Hammocks are made of strong, breathing, light cloth and very strong ropes.
* Can support up to 330 lbs {150 kg}.
* A camping "must have". The hammock can fold to a very small size and weighs less than 2 lbs {1 kg}.
* Length:  13 foot   {4 M} (not including the ropes)
   Width:    5 foot  {1.5 M}
To order our hammocks, choose your favorite color combination of fabric and ropes from the selection given, and we will make the hammock you've always dreamed of!
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