Frank Curreri

Las Vegas

"Next Level Relaxation and Quietude"


At times felt like a near-death experience -- in a good way -- where sunlight is shining down on you, you feel this incredible peace, as if on the cusp of passing into another dimension and a chorus of angels are going to gently serenade you at any moment (being serious). For hyperactive people like me who can't sit still, and are perpetually moving, this Hydrotherap induces tranquility and makes time stand still. It is all breath and just Being. Haven't been this relaxed in years. In fact, it the experience my understanding of what it means to be relaxed. Rotem, the Acquatic "therapist" is a real pro and you lose yourself to the point you don't know he's there in the water with you. In the beginning, as a high-level and competitive athlete (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt), I was concerned that some of the guided movements might be dangerous for me. But as the process evolved, I developed more faith in Rotem, which freed me up to experience Zen and Being. Unique experience and, after talking with Rotem afterward, a gentleman and class act. My back and shoulder, which have bothered me of late, felt great afterward.


If you're looking for a new adventure into relaxation, something completely off the beaten path, I highly recommend Rotem and this Acquatic therapy. Friend treated me to this as a birthday gift, I arrived having no idea what to expect, and the experience far exceeded my expectations.


May 2016

Jonathan L

New York

“Positive Energy”


Rotem is incredible. I have had this kind of Aquatic Therapy before and it can leave you feeling up or down. After my session, the best word to describe how I felt was Euphoric. I also felt a strong rush of positive energy that I am still feeling a week later. Also, I have a few old injuries that can cause pain(neck and back). I discussed these areas with Rotem before the session and he was vary careful not to stress out these areas and was very gentle but also very thorough. 

To all those out there who have never had a Watsu experience, I highly recommend trying it. I also would recommend trying it with Rotem because he is a master. 

I will definitely visit Margoa on my next visit to Las Vegas.


Reviewed November 2015

Angela D

Los Angeles, CA

"Better than any words can describe"


I had such an amazing experience with Rotem and his hydrotherapy. It is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Being unfamiliar with this type of therapy, I was a bit apprehensive/nervous at first. Rotem was very understanding and told me everything I should expect from before. He eases you into the water until you're comfortable. 
The therapy itself is extremely calming and relaxing, as well as a great stretch and mobility work for your body. As a client, you have his complete attention and focus the entire time, and that personal attention is what makes his hydrotherapy unlike any other. I'll definitely be coming back! :) I highly suggest everyone to try his therapy and experience the amazing sensations for themselves! 
As a previous review also mentioned, his handmade hammocks are awesome! Way superior to any other hammock you would buy in a store, I've had countless naps on it, and I honestly get the best quality of sleep on them. And they're fully customizable which is totally cool :)

Reviewed April 10, 2015


Las Vegas, NV

"Fantastic experience!"


I'd never even really heard of water therapy before, let alone taken part. I was extremely impressed and appreciative for the opportunity.. 

Imagine drifting  into a world away from all of your cares or concerns, and finding a place where you're able to feel and absorb some of the most relaxing and healing energies you've ever encountered..

A very meditative, rejuvenating session, and I'm not exactly the type of person that usually gets into that kind of stuff.. But I took the advice of a good friend to try it out, and am beyond happy that I did! 

If anxiety or stress is something that you'd like to take a unique and really effective approach to dealing with and getting a better handle on, I'd put Margoa at the top of your list! Thanks again!!


Reviewed August 30, 2015


Los Angeles, CA

"AMAZING experience !!!!

My boyfriend and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT !!! "


My boyfriend and I came to Las Vegas last weekend and we both were looking for something special to do just for the two of us. As a first time parents for 10 months old twin boys, we had to get away and relax just the two of us. 
We came to Margoa Relaxation via referral from a friend for a romantic couple therapy session. When we arrived, we felt relaxed right away. The clinic is clean, warm, and BEAUTIFUL. Rotem (The owner) is an extremely nice, caring, and very welcoming from the beginning. He took his time to find out what we needed and to explain all about the treatment. We weren't too familiar with the field of hydrotherapy, just heard a bit about WATSU before. It was an AMAZING experience !!!!  It's like the perfect combination between relaxation in the water, massage, yoga, and meditation. It is hard to explain in words how wonderful the treatment was. It was an amazing and complete relaxation experience in the heated pool. My boyfriend and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT !!! Rotem created one of a kind experience for my boyfriend and me, and we had such a great time. It was finally time just for the both of us, enjoying our time to the fullest. After the treatment, we took hot shower, relaxed on the hammock (yes, all in the clinic) and drank some wine... enjoying our alone time..  It almost felt like we have our own island of serenity just to ourselves. I can honestly say this was by far the BEST treatment I've ever had!  Cant wait for our next visit in Vegas.


Reviewed August, 2015

Carmit Nisim

Las Vegas, NV

"The therapy was AMAZING.. I am still speechless !!!!"


After long exhausting weeks (physically & mentally) I've decided to take a one hour break and relate to my inner me.
Trying to find the best therapy for me- I've done a research on things to do in las vegas.
I was looking for a therapy that could combine Yoga, muscle stretching & massage along with dealing my own emotions.. finding my Zen.
After reading about Hydrotherapy & Watsu and searching therapy on Yelp- I've found Margoa relaxation and it was right here, in Las Vegas, NV !

The warm water (at the perfect temp. of 95 degrees) relaxed my muscles... that was deep relaxation
which encouraged the release of my daily stress.

It was truly graceful experience!
I felt SAFE & relaxed as if I remembered from 'long ago'.. Back then, in the womb.

I truly recommend this unique & beautiful experience!

Thank you Margoa relaxation LV! Bless ya!
Can't wait to our next session!


Reviewed August, 2015

Valentina Ciardi

Las Vegas, NV

"Highly recommended"


What an amazing and unique experience! Words can't describe what a hydrotherapy session is like. This is one of those things that you must try at least once! I left my session feeling extremely relaxed. Very professional therapist.


Reviewed August, 2015


San Francisco, California

“Amazing new way to experience massage”


I had never tried Watsu (MARGOA relaxation Hydrotherapy) before, but a family friend recommended it recently and I was fortuitous enough to happen to meet Rotem while on vacation. His professionalism, knowledgeability about his craft and very warm nature made me feel comfortable with him right off the bat - so I decided to book a session and I am really glad that I took the chance to try this incredibly relaxing new experience. You really have to let yourself go to appreciate the whole Watsu experience, luckily I practice meditation, so I am able to do this very easily. My partner and I came to the Philippines mainly to be in the water, so when Rotem described Watsu as "A way to experience water in a whole new way" I was intrigued - Definitely worth the money!!


Reviewed April 25, 2013


Hamburg, Germany

“Let your body, mind and soul be pampered!”


A unique experience not to be missed when in Las Vegas! Hydrotherapy with Rotem beats any "regular" massage offered by far - so treat yourself and do not travel on without at least one session. Relaxation of body and mind reach a whole new level. Enjoy!


Reviewed January 29, 2013

Florient L


“A faire absolument”


Proposeé par l'hôtel, je n'avais aucune idée de ce que c'était, je pensais a un massage a l'eau, mais en fait c'est tout une séance comme chez un kiné dans une piscine en douceur ou tout votre corps, vraiment top car inédit.


Reviewed December 21, 2012

Adva B

Tel Aviv, Israel

“Don't miss it!”


I had a hydrotherapy session with Rotem a few days ago. It was an amazing experience of absolute relaxation, both body and mind. Rotem is very professional. He took the time to explain the course of the session, how it will end and what will happen afterwards. During the therapy I completely lost track of time. My mind wondered off and all I felt was a wonderful sensation. I was surprised by how effective to my aching muscles, and how relaxing hydrotherapy was. This is an absolute must if you plan to go to Las Vegas! Don't miss it!


Reviewed December 20, 2012

Shiri and Merav

Tel-Aviv, Israel

“Healing water - You must try it!!!”


If you are looking for a unique way to relax your mind and body - MARGOA's hydrotherapy is the answer!
Today I had a session with Rotem, he is very professional, pleasant, and attentive.
Time flies during the therapy...
In the end of the therapy you feel like a whole new person..,!
Don't miss it!!!


Reviewed December 13, 2012

Barry F

Tagbilaran City, Philippines

“Deeply relaxing, enjoyable experience”


I had a session with Rotem back in May. I was a little dubious at first but with a recommendation from a friend of mine I gave it a chance. 

Rotem was very professional about the whole thing. He talked me through the techniques he would use and made me feel very comfortable about it all. The session itself was fantastic, it is not a massage, you can get those anywhere, this was rather something that left me so thoroughly relaxed and at ease that it took me about 3 minutes just to get speaking again so I could share my experience with him! 

A great experience I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Panglao.

I bought one of his hammocks too, I'm not sure if he mentions them here, but he makes hammocks also and they are pretty impressive, well worth a look if you want somewhere to chill!


Reviewed November 26, 2012

Emily S

New York, NY

“Nothing else like it!”


There are many wonderful activities to partake in Las Vegas, but none will be as unique and relaxing as a MARGOA's hydrotherapy session. My time with Rotem gave my mind and body a whole new set of sensations that made my vacation that much more memorable. I highly recommend the experience as something everyone should encounter at least once in their life.


Reviewed November 23, 2012

Mika E

Las Vegas, NV

“Holistic relaxation”


While submerged in water, my sences took at trip to the moon. Relaxing in ways beyond massage, craniosacral therapy, hypnosis etc. 
A treat, for body and mind. Reboots the system and well worth the price!



Reviewed November 22, 2012


Xiamen, China



这是我第一次尝试水疗, 很多的惊喜, 非常特别。 他首先跟你坐下来讨论你的问题。针对你的问题来安排操作方法。 在水里面, 让你完全忘记时间, 忘记空间,安安静静的沉寂在水里。 水疗之后, 非常帮助睡眠, 放松全身。 :)


Google translation:

"A very special experience." 

This is my first attempt at a spa, a lot of surprises, very special. He first sat down with you to discuss your problem. For your question to arrange method of operation. In the water, so that you completely forget time, forget space, silence quietly in the water. After the spa, very help sleep, relax the body. :)


Reviewed Mar 13, 2013

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